U.S. based LunarLand.com expands into Canada launching its new website to sell L…

May 29
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U.S. based LunarLand.com expands into Canada launching its new website to sell Land On The Moon www.LunarLand.ca . LunarLand.com purchased the Ambassadorship from the Lunar Embassy earlier this year. We truly appreciate all our customers for the past 34 years and see you on the moon

Lunar Land – Canada
The opportunity is NOW! Buy your piece of the MOON and become one of the most influential people of our TIMES! Since 1980 Lunar Embassy has possessed the Legal Authority to sell land on the MOON. Lunar Embassy was THE FIRST Company to offer Land On The Moon as well as Planet Mars, Planet Mercury, Pl…

Lunar Land


Don’t miss out on the lunar land rush that will make YOU a Lunar Land owner! OFFICIAL LUNAR LAND company is the most recognized Celestial Real Estate Agency in the world and is one of the first companies to own a legal trademark and copyright for the sale of extraterrestrial property. Over 250 celebrities, as well as 2 former US presidents and many NASA members own land on the moon through OFFICIAL LUNAR LAND and you can too! Purchase an acre of land for yourself or for gift giving. Land on the moon is a unique gift that is always the talk of the party! Visit OFFICIAL LUNAR LAND today to pick out the package that is perfect for you!

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