Name A Star – Must read this before you buy!

Oct 15
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Name A Star – Must read this before you buy! offers people from all walks of life a way to Name A Star to give a little piece of Heaven to someone they love or maybe just respect. Purchasing a Shining Star could be for a Birthday, Anniversary, Christening, and Special Holidays, Donation or just a UNIQUE way to say you CARE! Whatever the reason for your purchase, it will be one to remember for a Life Time! My named Star was immediately registered at the Official Star Naming Registry. The Star Naming Registry manages and registers any and all named stars from around the World. It was very gratifying to know that my named star would be registered for Life. Buy a Shining Star is not only a Company but a Friend, that can make people feel incredibly amazing not just for Giving but also for Receiving!

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Lunar Land


Don’t miss out on the lunar land rush that will make YOU a Lunar Land owner! OFFICIAL LUNAR LAND company is the most recognized Celestial Real Estate Agency in the world and is one of the first companies to own a legal trademark and copyright for the sale of extraterrestrial property. Over 250 celebrities, as well as 2 former US presidents and many NASA members own land on the moon through OFFICIAL LUNAR LAND and you can too! Purchase an acre of land for yourself or for gift giving. Land on the moon is a unique gift that is always the talk of the party! Visit OFFICIAL LUNAR LAND today to pick out the package that is perfect for you!

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