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Sep 3
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Talk about out-of-this-world real estate.Would you believe millions of earthlings have bought land on the moon from The Lunar Land Company? According to the an ambassador for The Lunar Embassy, more than 400 million acres of the moon have been sold worldwide. Among the buyers are two former U.S. presidents and movie stars (“Star Trek,” of course).

The Lunar Embassy is the brainchild of Dennis Hope, who 20 years ago claimed ownership of the moon and other planets in our solar system. Hope bases his claim on what the 1967 United Nations Outer Space Treaty does not say. While the treaty stipulates no government can own extraterrestrial property, it does not prohibit individuals and corporations from doing so. “Therefore, under laws dating back from early U.S. settlers,” proclaims the Lunar Land website, “it was possible to stake a claim for land and register it with the U.S. government office of claim registries.” Hope, better known as the “head cheese,” says his confidential list of lunar land registry buyers includes 250 celebrities, companies buying gifts for clients, investors,professionals, space hobbyists and 30 NASA employees.

An acre of land purchased from Hope’s United States and Canada Ambassador sells for $29.95. That includes a lunar land deed, lunar map where an “X” marks the location of your property, a copy of the lunar constitution and bill of rights, mineral rights, registration card and the buyer’s name “deposited on the moon in a transorbital mission.”

But Hope isn’t the only one claiming title to the moon and selling parcels to would-be moonies. is thinking much bigger. They offer a 100- acre block for $2,150 and the parcel size increases to a “quadrant property” they will part with for a little more than $1.1 million.

The website shows the current locations already sold. Of course, it’s of the lighted side only. The website notes there are nine billion acres on the entire moon’s surface, and it is all land no oceans covering valuable real estate. At least buyers don’t have to worry about getting stuck with swampland. Visit to read more information about buying Land On The Moon.

Lunar Land


Don’t miss out on the lunar land rush that will make YOU a Lunar Land owner! OFFICIAL LUNAR LAND company is the most recognized Celestial Real Estate Agency in the world and is one of the first companies to own a legal trademark and copyright for the sale of extraterrestrial property. Over 250 celebrities, as well as 2 former US presidents and many NASA members own land on the moon through OFFICIAL LUNAR LAND and you can too! Purchase an acre of land for yourself or for gift giving. Land on the moon is a unique gift that is always the talk of the party! Visit OFFICIAL LUNAR LAND today to pick out the package that is perfect for you!

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